Julia Melle Joins REVEL8 as Co-Chief Creative Officer to Partner with Aaron Thornton

Feb 16, 2022


Power duo that previously teamed aims to work across categories turning brands into role models

REVEL8, the global brand consultancy founded as Strategy Farm in 2016 that just enjoyed a public makeover, has added a creative powerhouse to its A-Team of talent in the form of Co-Chief Creative Officer Julia Melle.

The name change was based on a revelation that Melle had along with Co-Chief Creative Officer Aaron Thornton and the Dallas-based agency’s leadership team to better reflect what the agency does and why it does it.

Stephanie Ouyoumjian, CEO of the agency and longtime director of strategy at leading agencies including DDB and Publicis, said having the ability to influence consumers is REVEL8’s superpower. “With Julia on the all-star team, the sky’s the limit,” said Ouyoumijian, who added that the agency will only work with brands that are setting the course for better ways to live, treat each other, and ourselves.

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