It’s not what you make.

It’s what you make happen.

How do you become an influential role model? You don’t just focus on what you make. You focus on what you make happen.

Being a role model brand requires the synergy of influential strategy and empathic creative.

Research isn’t just for what you make

It’s for what you make happen

Using research to inspire, influence, and evolve requires doing research that looks beyond what you make and goes deeper into what you make happen.

Research must compensate for our brains being “Predictably Irrational”

Rational processing of experience occupies less than 30% of human cognition.

Most decisions are made based on our imagination – what we imagine will happen – which is informed by our irrational brain.

Research ensures we aren’t relying on hope or luck, and we move forward without fear.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad research out there that is based on outdated methodologies that have nothing to do with how people actually make decisions.

We know how the brain works; decisions are made emotionally, then justified rationally. The problem for researchers is that people are not good at expressing their emotions because emotional processing is not connected to language creation in the brain. That’s why we never ask a respondent how they feel. Their answers are unreliable, misleading, and ambiguous.

How do you feel about Cheetos? – “I love Cheetos.”

How do you feel about your children? – “I love my children.”

And it’s not enough to know how they feel. Robust insight comes from knowing why they feel how they feel. The “why” is buried even deeper in the brain. It’s extremely difficult for people to consciously make these connections on their own.

The death of the focus group

An other outdated methodologies

After doing hundreds of focus groups and conducting gazillions of tracking studies, copy tests, and segmentation studies, you realize one thing … they’re mostly crap.

We knew we weren’t getting the real answers. We needed to be truly influential, so we worked with behaviorists, neuroscientists, and psychologists to develop research methods that tell us what people can not.

Some of our unique research methods include:

  • Conversation Tracker™
  • Chattitudes™
  • Dine’n Dish™
  • Heart2Hearts™
  • Debate Groups™
  • 3B Detector™ (Beliefs, Bonds, & Barriers)
  • Stings™
  • SegmentACTION™
  • Magic Mirror Personas™
  • Emotional Impact Lab™

We apply the power of influence to everything we do

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