What they make: Pancake and baking mixes

What they make happen: Joy in artistic expression

Role Model: How to express your creativity

In a category filled with a lot of good old-fashioned, grandma-lovin’ pancake mixes, Krusteaz didn’t know where to fit in. Not to mention, a name that no one knew how to pronounce. What it did have was a unique, creative, more modern personality compared to other brands. And we realized that a woman is looking for a brand that can feed her creativity in the kitchen, making it easy to be artistic in a world where she sees herself as expressive but rarely has time to be so. She needed a role model to show her how she could quickly and easily whip up her how-fun creations. So we positioned Krusteaz as the fun-loving, modern pancake mix that could inspire creativity. Then, we came up with a tagline that solved that whole “hard to pronounce” problem.

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Krusteaz: a boy making pancakes
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